Whether you are a manager, a member of an executive committee, a head of department or a head of staff,
HORSE-CONCEPT management courses and coaching sessions enable you to build and develop leadership and communication qualities, as well as improving team spirit and efficiency in record time, thanks to a fascinating animal : the horse.

                      High standard courses !
An incomparable and irrefutable approach !    
                                                                      No national or international equivalent !


  A prey animal's psychology and unique talents
The horse is a prey animal, which means it spends its time searching for a trustworthy and worthwhile leader able to ensure its survival in the event of danger. The sensory and extra-sensory talents that it has had to develop in order to survive enable it to reveal your way of functioning and relating to others, your way of communicating, negotiating and using authority.
Thanks to made-to-measure exercises accessible to everyone, the horse enables you to not only instantly assess the consequences of your actions and behaviours, but also the results of modifying these actions and behaviours by adopting a way of being that will make you gain your team's support and dedication.
The horse promotes fast, easy and enduring personal development.

  An extremely efficient social set-up
The horse's gregarious instinct and its social set-up (proposer/accepter relationship, unlike the pack instinct which functions on a dominant/dominated relationship) make it a voluntary member of the group, part of the group effort to ensure everyone's survival in the event of danger or difficulties.
Thanks to made-to-measure exercises accessible to all, the horse helps you to better understand other people, and to identify and reproduce the key behaviours which will strengthen your team or committee and improve its efficiency and quality of life.



No just another method …
           Much more than a method !

HORSE-CONCEPT is a unique opportunity to understand your leadership profile like never before.
Unlike some common practices in companies, this behavioural diagnosis is not filtered by human interpretation.
HORSE-CONCEPT is also a chance to set-up a personalised action plan of progress and put these actions into practice thanks to the horse, thanks to specialised exercises devised with great care by PCH-Concepts :

  An experience accessible to all which enables you to become familiar with all the subtleties of relationships and behavioural finesse ;
  Exceptionally efficient self-assertion, authority, leadership, negotiation, team-work and ''considerate communication'' exercises ;
measure training and coaching, designed to help you build and develop leadership behaviours in every aspect of managerial life, thanks to the horses, the coaching team and the filming of exercises :

                           listening and observing
                            influencing and self-assertion
                            organising into a hierarchy
                            taking a step back
                            sharing and cooperation