The consultants

The Horse-Concept team is comprised of 23 consultants

 10 management coaches and  13 equine coaches


The  10 management coaches are all experts in HR, management, negotiation, communication and team building.
Over and above the many diplomas they possess (COACH, MBTI, PNL, GESTALT...), they all have many years of experience in the field, which add to their professional know-how. 
They all run regular training courses for senior executives in large and small companies.
The company coaches are all horse enthusiasts and knowledgeable about equine behaviour and psychology.


Patrick Chanceaulme


 Marie Duqueroix





Sophie Catherine  Delphine      Zaneta Jérémie

The  13 equine coaches
are all experts in equine behaviour and psychology (the famous ''horse whisperers''!)
They are specialised in training and teaching horses and riders and working with difficult horses.
Over and above the different diplomas they possess, they are all knowledgeable about human relations and are excellent teachers, used to situations that arise in a business context.

 Ludovic Sara Amandine  Caroline Edouard
Fabien Nathalie  Marie Bernard  Jean-Michel

Florence   Delphine Carole Virginie